Yearly Archives: 2006

Palestine Solidarity Committee (South Africa) and Supporters Call for the Recall of South African Ambassador From Tel Aviv and Sanctions Against Israel

Speakers at the conference included Willie Madisha (president of COSATU) Eddie Makue (general secretary of the South African Council of Churches), Ali Halimeh (Palestinian Ambassador to South Africa), Virginia Tilley (academic and author), Na’eem Jeenah (chair), Salim Vally (Palestine Solidarity [...]

chairman of palestinian rights committee points to ‘reasons for hope’ at observance marking international day of solidarity

He said his group had adopted the July 2005 call by Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment and sanction campaigns against Israel until it ended its occupation, granted full equality to its Palestinian citizens and honoured the right of Palestinian [...]

John Berger and 93 other authors, film-makers, musicians and performers call for a cultural boycott of Israel

The letter comes after the August 2006 statement issued by Palestinian filmmakers, artists, writers, and other cultural workers calling for a cultural boycott of Israel. The statement can be viewed at: The Berger letter, signed by artists from across Europe, [...]