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  November 2011  

Russell Tribunal on Palestine:
Israel Guilty of Apartheid

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RToP) is an international citizen-based Tribunal of conscience created in response to the demands of civil society to inform and mobilise public opinion and put pressure on decision makers. In view of the failure of the international community to implement international law, committees have been established in different countries to promote and sustain a citizen's initiative in support of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Following the hearings and the deliberations of the jury, the third session of the RToP, held in Cape Town on 5-6 November 2011, found that Israel subjects the entire Palestinian people to an institutionalised regime of domination amounting to apartheid as defined under international law. The state of Israel is legally obliged to respect the prohibition of apartheid contained in international law. In addition to being considered a crime against humanity, the practice of apartheid is universally prohibited.

The RToP makes several recommendations, among them is for global civil society to replicate the spirit of solidarity that contributed to the end of apartheid in South Africa, including by making national parliaments aware of the findings of this Tribunal and supporting the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). The Tribunal welcomes the solidarity and support of those countries that have consistently and steadfastly supported Palestinian human rights, and urges them to continue with the struggle for justice.

Arch Enemy: Stand with Revolution not Apartheid

We are surprised that you would decide to perform in Israel given your anti-fascist persona and progressive reputation. Entertaining Israeli apartheid would be terribly inconsistent with your reference to the Arab Spring as an inspiration, for Palestinian rights are an inseparable part of these revolutions.

Swiss Artists Endorse Cultural Boycott of Israel

Conscious of our political responsibility as artists…we express our support for the boycott, and we pledge not to present our works in Israel, for as long as it persists in the occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories… equality is denied Palestinians who are citizens of Israel, and…the right of return of the refugees is refused.

Punks Against Apartheid is Launched!

We are thrilled and proud to announce the official launch of the Punks Against Apartheid website and network. Spread the word, join us, and remember: racism ain't punk, and [Israeli] apartheid deserves no entertainment. Viva le punk! Viva Palestina!


PACBI Editorial

UNESCO: Time to Stand up to Israeli Apartheid

Palestinians the world over have been encouraged by the overwhelming support from the UNESCO General Conference of Member States for the admission of Palestine as a full member in this key United Nations body. Palestinians are hopeful that this historic decision will pave the way for UNESCO to be a more responsible player in the international community, particularly in upholding international law and UN resolutions concerning Palestinian rights.

We take this opportunity to reiterate to UNESCO important concerns raised by Palestinian civil society, particularly regarding the lack of clear and decisive UNESCO positions on the devastating effects of Israel's regime of occupation, colonialism, and apartheid, which encroaches on all aspects of Palestinian rights, including education and culture. On several occasions, UNESCO's cooperation with Israel has ignored Israel's violations of international law and Palestinian rights, thereby serving to cover up those violations, regardless of UNESCO's intentions.

UNESCO, for instance, has been implicated in sponsoring Palestinian-Israeli academic and cultural cooperation projects that equate the oppressor with the oppressed, thus normalizing oppression. In comparison, UNESCO played a distinguished and widely commendable role in the struggle against apartheid South Africa, including supporting sanctions and boycotts. UNESCO hosted no less than seven international conferences and seminars against South African apartheid.

We look forward to a time when UNESCO adopts a consistent approach toward Israel, and spearheads the movement to impose sanctions on it and impose academic and cultural boycotts -- similar to those applied against apartheid South Africa -- until Israel complies with international law.

Israeli pinkwashing recruitment campaign

Israel's weakness is its own arrogance. Advertising gimmicks can only have a limited effect, and the majority of the world is outraged at Israel's apartheid regime, not a lack of good publicity.

Placebo Effect: Lawsuit Boosts Lebanon BDS Campaign

A lawsuit has unintentionally breathed new life into the BDS campaign in Lebanon. International BDS campaigners are pledging to appear before the Lebanese court in support of their comrades.

Irish Protest against Israeli Propaganda Festival Suppressed

A peaceful Dublin protest by pro-Palestinian activists, led by IPSC, against the Israeli Embassy sponsored "Israeli Film Days" turned acrimonious when Gardai forcibly moved protestors away.

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