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  December 2010  

BNC: On the Second Anniversary of Israel's Bloodbath in Gaza:
End International Complicity, Intensify BDS

On the morning of 27 December 2008 Israeli forces initiated a 23-day military offensive against the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip killing more than 1400 and injuring over 5000 Palestinians, predominantly civilians and refugees since 1948. Two years have passed and those responsible for the atrocities committed have not yet been held accountable. The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) calls on conscientious people and organizations around the world to step up efforts to end Israel's long record of impunity through boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) until international law and Palestinian rights are upheld.

Responsibilities of Academics as Public Intellectuals

Papers presented at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) in Barcelona in July 2010 explore the notions of academic freedom and the public intellectual, the rationale of BDS, Israeli academic complicity, the Arab boycott, and the BDS movement in the US.

SA group sparks fury by accepting Israeli invite

ANC's head of international relations, Ribbon Mosholi, said: "We want people such as Black Mambazo to understand that, just like under apartheid, we discourage artists from coming here. We still do the same concerning the struggle of the Palestinian people."

Gaza Open letter to Brothers for Brotherhood: No Brotherhood with Apartheid!

Don't let your music normalise the racist brutality and the ethnic cleansing Palestinians suffer day in day out under the control of the Israeli Apartheid regime. Instead, let your music stand on the right side of history.


PACBI Editorial

The Challenge for 2011: Start implementing the academic boycott of Israel

If 2010 witnessed an exceptional growth of the global BDS movement, especially in the cultural and consumer products fields, one of the main challenges facing the movement in 2011 will be to start putting into effect concrete boycott measures against Israeli universities and to further spread the artists' boycott of Israel.

With world renowned artists, bands and writers refusing to perform, exhibit or speak in Israel, cultural boycott took off in 2010, especially following Israel's bloody attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Alice Walker, Mike Leigh, Iain Banks, Meg Ryan, Henning Mankell, the Pixies, Elvis Costello, Gil Scott Heron, Carlos Santana, Faithless, and Massive Attack are among many celebrated names in the art world that have stayed away from Israel in protest over its violations of Palestinian rights, heeding the Palestinian call for cultural boycott.

In 2011, efforts need to be intensified to convince even more artists and writers to respect the boycott and to treat Tel Aviv as Sun City was treated during the South African apartheid era.

OneVoice's Deceptive Agenda

PACBI believes that the acceleration of OneVoice's youth work in North America and Europe is meant to counter the growing movement for BDS on campuses in these regions.

BRICUP: Open Letter to Thomas Quasthoff

"By performing in Israel, you help draw a veil over the 'killing, liquidation, destruction, devastation and abuse of millions of civilians'"

US Campus Walk Out

Students across the US are protesting an Israeli propaganda campaign that brings Israeli soldiers to speak on campuses in an attempt to justify war crimes.

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