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  August 2010  

Irish artists make BDS history, issuing the first nation-wide ‘pledge’ to boycott Israeli apartheid

PACBI strongly welcomes the Irish artists’ 'pledge’ to boycott Israeli cultural institutions until Israel complies with international law. This pledge not only represents a significant victory for the ethical responsibilities of international cultural figures but is a ground breaking strategy in supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice. Irish artists have taken a historic step in enhancing the movement for freedom and just peace. For that, we salute these principled and ethically responsible Irish artists

No Business as Usual with Israel: PACBI Salutes Faithless

PACBI salutes the British dance group Faithless for declining to play in Israel this summer, and applauds Faithless frontman Maxi Jazz for the unequivocally clear message explaining the band’s decision.

Imaging Apartheid: Poster Project for Palestine – Call for submissions

IMAGING APARTHEID takes place within the context of the international BDS campaign against Israeli Apartheid. Submission deadline is November 1st, 2010 Submissions should be sent in jpeg format and not exceed 2 MBs. Please send submissions to:

An artist's pledge to boycott

Dave Lordan writes in the Electronic Intifada, “I am proud to be among the many Irish and Ireland-based artists from across creative disciplines who have chosen to publicly support the growing campaign of boycott against apartheid Israel.”


PACBI Column in BRICUP Newsletter: The Militarization of the Israeli Academy

Many academics around the world were shocked at the recently enacted Israeli Knesset bill that will provide one year of free tuition to any discharged soldier (reservist) who studies at an institution of higher learning in the Galilee, the Naqab (Negev), and the illegal Israeli colonies in the occupied West Bank.

In June 2010, and in preparation for the Knesset vote, the Israeli cabinet approved the draft legislation; Prime Minister Netanyahu was quoted as saying, "The need to aid discharged soldiers and promote the periphery is part of the national consensus." This overt use of higher education institutions to buttress Israel's settler-colonization of the Palestinian land, however, is anything but new.

Since the creation of the state of Israel on the ruins of Palestinian society, the deep partnership between the academy and the military-security establishment has been emblematic of the widely militarized Israeli society.

Arabs face increased discrimination at Tel Aviv University

TAU uses military service as a criterion for awarding student housing, thus discriminating against Palestinian students.

Haifa University: A chronicle of discrimination and racism

University acts as extension of Israeli policy; freedom of action is consciously limited, foremost when it comes to Palestinian students within the campus.

London Student Officers Condemn Funjoya “Festival”

We strongly condemn the Israeli government’s disgraceful attempt to whitewash their crimes against the Palestinians with their “student festival” Funjoya.

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