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  January 2013  


Party’s over for Perry Farrell: Lollapalooza Israel collapses as artists said to stay away

The Lollapalooza Israel rock festival planned for the summer appears to have collapsed just months after it was launched, and all information about it has been removed from the official website of Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, a pro-Israel activist, announced the festival to great fanfare last August. Lollapalooza is held annually in Chicago’s Grant Park under a sweetheart deal that noted music critic Jim DeRogatis has severely criticized. Along with Brazil and Chile, Israel was to be part of the franchise’s international expansion. During Israel’s 2008-2009 massacre in Gaza, Farrell performed at a benefit in New York to raise money for Israeli soldiers. But he made no mention of his Zionist politics in interviews touting the festival, instead emphasizing Tel Aviv’s marketing image as a “party town.” Now it looks like the party’s over for Farrell and his effort to use Lollapalooza to whitewash Israel’s image. The reports of the difficulties the Israeli festival had recruiting international stars will be seen as a victory for the Palestinian campaign for cultural boycott of Israel. ;


Stanley Jordan stands with Palestinians, cancelling gig at Israel's Jazz Festival

After a long discussion over his Facebook page with many people, including Palestinians, American jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and pianist Stanley Jordan decided to respect the cultural boycott of Israel, and canceled his planned appearance as the headlining artist for the Israel Red Sea Jazz Festival.


Antonio Munoz Molina: Conscientious Writers do not Side with Apartheid

PACBI appeals to Molina to decline the Jerusalem prize awarded by the Israeli president and mayor of Jerusalem. Molina is called on to take a stand in support of the struggle for freedom, justice and equality, and not to play a role in rebranding Israel.  


Ky-Mani Marley: “Get Up Stand Up” Against Israeli Apartheid!

We are writing to urge you to refrain from playing in apartheid Israel. As a reggae artist, and son of the legendary singer Bob Marley, who’s “Songs of Freedom” continue to inspire those struggling against racist oppression, we ask you not to turn a blind eye to Israel’s colonial and apartheid system. 



PACBI Editorial

The Dishonor of Israeli Honor


The Israeli academic and cultural establishment has always been keen on securing a place for Israel in the global academic and cultural arena as part of its untiring efforts to make Israel appear as a normal state and society.  The Israeli establishment has developed a “tradition” of honoring international academics and cultural figures through prizes, such as the Wolf Prize, the Dan David Prize, and the Jerusalem Prize, which are awarded every year.  In such events, the Israeli branding machine goes into full gear, bestowing international scholars, artists and writers the dubious honor of receiving prizes from the head of state, honorary doctorates from Israeli universities, or the spotlight of keynote addresses at professional conferences.
It is rare to find scholars and cultural figures who can see through this crude Israeli ritual and the way their names are used cynically to further the Israeli propaganda agenda. It is indeed a testament to the success of this agenda that a belligerent colonial and apartheid state’s arrogant claim to value scholarship and creativity goes unquestioned, and instead, is further validated.  It is also a reflection of the strength of Israeli exceptionalism that this state can get away with violations of international law and the denial of human rights of Palestinians, whereas at the height of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa it was inconceivable for conscientious scholars or artists to accept honors from the South African head of state or from the state’s various complicit institutions, such as universities.
We call upon international academics and cultural figures to read our statements and our guidelines within the framework of resisting colonization through strategies of pressure rather than the ‘handle colonizers with care’ approach.   We appeal to them once more, as the indigenous oppressed people, to respect our strategy of resistance in the form of boycotts and moral pressure and not to accept the dishonor of Israeli honors.


Portuguese Architect Eduardo Souto Moura: Reject the Apartheid Prize!

The Wolf Prize is an occasion where Israel attempts to normalize its presence in the international community. We urge you to deny Israel this spotlight until it fully respects international law.

Cornell partnership with military-linked Israeli school greeted by protests

Activists greeted students attending Cornell NYC Tech with protests against the school, a massive collaboration between Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Zionism and Antisemitism: Racist Political Twins

A briefing for BDS activists to explain how the charge of antisemitism applies to Zionism itself. Indeed, they are racist political twins.
  Risala in Arabic means mission, message or letter