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  January  2012  

US Scholars’ Delegation Calls for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Five academics from U.S. universities who recently completed a week-long visit to the OPT and Israel are calling on academic colleagues everywhere to support the United States Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI).  The USACBI delegates report witnessing numerous violations of Palestinian civil and legal rights; daily rituals of “subordination, humiliation, and suspicion” at the hands of the Israeli security state; continued expansion of settlements into Palestinian territories in violation of the so-called “peace process;” and repeated violations of Palestinian human rights by Israeli universities. 

The delegation learned through discussions with Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel that their lives are governed by a host of exceptional legal proscriptions and are subject to special scrutiny by the security services. The Israeli high court recently upheld a law denying Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel the right to live with Palestinian spouses from the West Bank, Gaza, or overseas inside the post-1948 borders of Israel.

A statement released by the delegation says:  “We believe that the perpetuation of the international travesty of colonial occupation in a post-colonial world must be brought to an end.  For it ultimately threatens the rights, dignity and security of everyone who believes in self-determination, equal justice and human rights.”  

Jewish Voice for Peace Statement on BDS, 2011

On the basis of an organization-wide conversation about BDS, we have refined our position while maintaining our strategy. JVP shares the aims of the Palestinian BNC -- ending the occupation, achieving equality for Palestinians now living in Israel, and recognizing Palestinian refugees' right of return.

Zdob si Zdub: Stand in Solidarity with Palestinians!

You should know that Israel has also exploited LGBTQ struggles and has hidden its oppression of Palestinian queers by portraying Israel as a “safe haven” for Arab queers. Palestinian LGBTQ activists have called this “pinkwashing”.

Carleton Divestment: New Video

No one said the struggle would be easy. But this is our campus and we're going to fight for it!
Help us make divestment viral by posting this widely on facebook and twitter and forwarding it.




PACBI Editorial

Academic Boycott on Campus: Breaking New Ground

PACBI is heartened by the increased coordination and growth of Students for Justice in Palestine on campuses across the US.  The SJP national conference in October 2011 carefully studied how to implement BDS on campuses, and this year an unprecedented number of US universities will be holding Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) activities.  Although an upcoming US national BDS conference at the University of Pennsylvania has come under attack from the usual coterie of Israel lobby voices in an attempt to censor and silence any critical discussion on Palestinian basic rights and international law, PennBDS organizers are on track with their plans and the conference promises to be yet another milestone in spreading BDS.

Across campuses in the UK and the rest of Europe, there is also a deepening of BDS activism, and once more IAW will take place on more campuses than ever before.  Importantly, there has been a direct response to the campaign waged by PACBI, PFUUPE, Stop the Wall, and the Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) against the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), which is “a multi-billion euro European Union research funding scheme that provides funds for universities and companies from different countries to work together on specific research projects.”  Students at King’s College (London), in close cooperation with BRICUP, launched a petition against a joint FP7 research program between their university, the Natural History Museum and Ahava. The students gathered signatures and lobbied for support from the UK National Union of Students, which in turn voted to support the campaign adding more pressure on the university. 


UK’s National Union of Students endorses divestment

In a historic move, NUS in the UK has condemned collaboration between Kings College London and Ahava and endorsed divestment from companies complicit in Israel’s breaches of international law.

Co-existence vs. Co-resistance: A case against normalization

The recent resurgence of the “anti-normalization” debate can be attributed to two factors: the rise of the BDS movement and the beginning of a transitional period in internal Palestinian politics.

Irish PSC asks Ana Moura not to sing in Apartheid Israel

On the cold and dark evening, 19 January 2012, IPSC supporters stood outside Dublin’s National Concert Hall to deliver a message to Portuguese Fado signer Moura: “Please don’t perform in Apartheid Israel!”
  Risala in Arabic means mission, message or letter