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  October 2013  

Latin American writers say Israel must abandon “colonial” Zionist ideology

A group of academics, intellectuals, writers, former ambassadors and professors, have warned that the presence of Israel as a guest at the Guadalajara International Book Fair – cannot be separated from the tragedy that [Israel] represents for Palestine.

 Margit Frenk, Juan Gelman, Hugo Gutierrez Vega, Eduardo Mosches, Héctor Díaz Polanco, Aline Pettersson, Luis Tovar, Pedro Miguel, among others, say that the creation of the State of Israel, begun in 1948, through United Nations Resolution 181, which partitioned Palestine – then under the British Mandate – into two states: one Jewish, the other Arab.

 Nevertheless, the policy of Zionism, as a Eurocentric national movement, meant that, from the moment it was installed on Palestinian territory, the new state of Israel opted for confrontation with the local majority population, and not for a policy of coexistence with the native people.

 “There is a fundamental point that cannot be ignored: the State of Israel has an ethnic and sectarian character. It is not a state of its citizens, but a state exclusively for part of its citizens, the Jews. In this sense it can be seen as a Jewish fundamentalist state in the garb of a Western democracy,” they state.

Peaceful coexistence depends on an inescapable moral and political decision: to abandon the colonial and expansionist conception of Zionist ideology. Such a decision would have to lead to the withdrawal of the army from the Palestinian territories, and to make half a million Jewish colonists in the West Bank abandon this territory (or if they want to stay there, to accept to live under a Palestinian government), and to stop immediately the construction of thousands of homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

 Given this reality, we consider it indispensable that Mexico recognize the existence of the two states, and we request that roundtables on the topic of Israel-Palestine be convened so that people can express different viewpoints. This would help to provide more pluralistic knowledge of the invited country. And from the same pluralistic perspective, we ask that the next country invited to the International Book Fair be Palestine, with the presence of writers, filmmakers, musicians and painters.

 Completing the list of signers are Francesca Gargallo, Pedro Miguel, Marcos Límenes, Nestor Braunstein, Silvana Rabinovich, Octavio Rodríguez Araujo, Pilar Calveiro, Mauricio Schoijet, Horacio Cerutti, Saúl Ibargoyen, Teresa Guitián, Claudio Albertani, Jessica Beckerman.


Award-winning Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri rejects Israeli cinema, identity

“I was born a Palestinian and will remain a Palestinian. I don’t believe that I could even be called an Israeli or that any Palestinian could be called Israeli.” Rejecting the growing “fascism” in Israel, Bakri acknowledges the personal and professional danger of taking a strong position within Israel.


BDS France to Charles Aznavour:  Don’t go to sing in apartheid Israel

“Don't give your support to a government that ignores the rights of an entire people and subjects them to a policy of apartheid …. Please take the path chosen by Stephen Hawking, Jean-Luc Godard, Gilles Vigneault, Vanessa Paradis and Dustin Hoffman, amongst others, who have refused to appear in Israel.

Anti-Divestment Resolution Defeated at UCLA Student Council

 With 7 votes against and 5 in favor, the UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council voted to defeat a resolution that threatened the ability of students to pursue divestment from companies tied to the Israeli occupation. SJP and a wide coalition of student organizations led this effort.


PACBI Editorial

Texas A&M in Nazareth? Apartheid & More

When far-right Christian Zionists as infamous as John C. Hagee and Rick Perry and Israeli leaders accused of war crimes like Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu propose a project, any project, it cannot be good for Palestinians or for humankind.

 The recently revealed [1] project for establishing an Israeli branch of Texas A&M, the sixth largest university in the US, under the name, Peace University, raises alarm bells among academics, students and human rights activists alike. The attempt to build this campus in Nazareth, in particular, the largest Palestinian city in the Israeli state, makes this project far more suspicious and may hint at the political agendas behind the idea.

 Perry, a controversial politician and a fanatic Christian Zionist, is of the view that Texas and Israel share the experience of ‘civilized men and women thrown into new and harsh conditions.”[2]

 Hagee, an unapologetic extremist who supports Israel’s illegal colonies in the occupied territory, among other Israeli crimes and violations of international law, also believes that Hitler was sent by God to force the Jews to move to Palestine. [3] Hagee, who once stated that non-Christians, those who “don’t confess [their] sins to God almighty through the authority of Christ” are “going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket,”[4] is the one who proposed the idea of this “peace” university to Israeli leaders Netanyahu and Peres, who jumped on it, with Peres shrewdly suggesting to build it in Nazareth.

 But the initial idea came from the chancellor of Texas A&M, John Sharp, a fervent supporter of Zionism and Israel who wanted “a presence in Israel” as further proof of his “kinship” with its regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.

 This university would indeed provide ample evidence of this “kinship” as Israel’s regime has a lot to gain from it on different levels.


Propaganda group close to Israeli government behind new Hollywood “peace” group 

The Forward revealed this week that CCFP, not itself a nonprofit, operates under the aegis of StandWithUs, which is “widely perceived as being on the far right of the pro-Israel spectrum.”



Who's Afraid of the Right of Return? A Response to Peratis on BDS

“It is absurd for Zionists … to insist on the right of Jews to ‘return’ to a place their ancestors may or may not have lived in 2,000 years ago, and remain oblivious of people’s ties to a place they left merely 65 years ago.”

Qatar removes Israeli flag after online backlash

An Israeli flag flying outside a Doha sports complex during the staging of an international swimming event was removed after complaints from some residents in Qatar, it was reported.

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