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  November 2014  

UCLA Divestment Victory: Turning the Tide against Corporate Complicity in Israel’s Crimes!

 In a landslide victory, the student government of UCLA voted, 8-2-2, for a resolution to divest from 11 companies that are heavily involved in Israel’s occupation and human rights violations. The effort for divestment was led by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and supported by 31 diverse student groups at UCLA. The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) salutes student -- and faculty -- organizers at UCLA for their principled, creative and tireless work which paved the way for this victory, despite fierce opposition by Israeli lobby groups. This significant achievement indicates a turn in the tide against Israel’s regime of injustice, and corporations profiting from it.

This UCLA student government divestment success comes on the heels of Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, in which the Israeli occupation forces committed war crimes and massacred more than 2,100 Palestinians in the densely packed and long-besieged Gaza Strip, its intensifying ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley and the Naqab (Negev), and its state-sponsored terror attacks by fanatic settlers on Muslim and Christian holy places in occupied Jerusalem.


Hidden links unearthed between state, settler group at Israel’s most controversial dig

”Bennett thus revealed the basic ambition of Elad and other settlement-oriented groups in East Jerusalem: to Judaize the area in order to prevent the city’s partition, or at least to ensure that this area remains part of Israel should Jerusalem be divided.”


MESA Votes 265 to 79 to Uphold Right to Boycott Israel

 ”Resolved, That the MESA membership: Affirms that calls for institutional boycott, divestment, and/or sanctions are protected free speech …; and Affirms the right of MESA members to engage in open and transparent discussion of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions ….” .

Zionist Groups Stifling free speech on U.S. campuses

Recently, Title VI of the Higher Education Act (HEA), and the funding of Middle East Studies Programs in particular, has come under attack. Unfortunately, those seeking to suppress speech on university campuses are relying on a misrepresentation of the facts as well as the law to do so.


PACBI Editorial 

Repression Fails to Stop the Growing BDS Movement on North American Campuses!

In the past few years, support for the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel has grown tremendously around the world, particularly on North American campuses, despite heightened bullying and threats by Israel and its well-oiled lobby groups.
As the BDS movement expands rapidly in the heart of the US imperial power, Israel’s key backer and bankroller, the Israeli government and Zionist organizations have intensified their efforts to repress BDS on campuses and forestall the growing voices calling for an end to Israel’s regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.
In February 2014, the Israeli government held a secret meeting to adopt a new strategy for fighting the BDS movement worldwide, indirectly admitting its earlier propaganda-based strategy. The Ministry of Strategic Affairs requested 100 million shekels for an aggressive campaign to combat BDS; the funds were earmarked for ”PR materials and aggressive legal and media campaigns against pro-boycott organizations.” [1] The Ministry of Strategic Affairs has already provided the intelligence branch of the Israeli army with “a budget of several million shekels for the purpose of bolstering military surveillance of such organizations.”[2]
The reverberations of Israel’s desperate attempts to suppress BDS, particularly after the failure of its ”Brand Israel” campaign, which poured hundreds of millions of dollars into a propaganda war aimed at whitewashing Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people, are now being felt across campuses in the UK, Europe and North America. [3] This is especially the case after Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza this past summer, which exposed its regime’s naked brutality to the world and left it more vulnerable and less defensible.
Zionist organizations, often from western universities, are now actively trying to crackdown on BDS student organizing turning to the only defense they have left - sheer coercion and suppression of free speech, a tactic that has already backfired, alienating liberals and inadvertently boosting support for BDS.


Feminist scholars campaign for BDS at National Women’s Studies Association

A group of feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and engaged intellectuals successfully pushed for the National Women’s Studies Association to support the academic boycott of Israel.



Peace and Justice Studies Association votes to endorse BDS

 The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA), a bi-national professional association, including peace and justice scholars, activists, and educators in the United States and Canada, endorses BDS.


Political Statement from the International Conference of Critical Geography

 By hosting the 7th edition of the International Conference of Critical Geography (ICCG) in Palestine, the organizing collective and ICGG side with the oppressed and shed light on Israel’s regime of oppression.

  Risala in Arabic means mission, message or letter