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  May 2014  

Why the Boycott Movement Scares Israel

Philosopher and activist Grace Lee Boggs and actor and activist Danny Glover have denounced the inclusion of the film American Revolutionary: the Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs in a government-sponsored Israeli film festival this week.

“We stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and support their call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel,” they say in a statement sent to The Electronic Intifada, co-signed with ten other individuals involved with the award-winning documentary that focuses on the life and work of the 98-year-old Boggs.

“As people featured in the film … we were shocked to find the film slated to be screened at the DocAviv festival in Israel on May 13th and 15th. This was scheduled without our knowledge,” the statement notes.

The authors of the statement say they asked for the film to be withdrawn but “festival organizers and film producers informed us that this was not possible and they would move forward with the screening, over our objections.” 


"We are the turning point": UC Santa Cruz passes divestment

 The student government at the University of California at Santa Cruz passed a divestment resolution early Wednesday morning. In a 22-14 vote, UC Santa Cruz has become the fifth University of California undergraduate campus out of nine to pass divestment in the student government.


NUS Black Students conference endorses BDS, slams Israeli 'systemic' racism

The UK's National Union of Student's Black Students conference has endorsed the Palestinian call for BDS at their national conference at the University of Warwick. The annual gathering passed Motion 402: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions by an "overwhelming" majority.

Support for RIBA Motion to Suspend Israeli Architects Assoc. from Int’l Union of Architects

 The UIA has a chance to show its moral and professional integrity…. We therefore call on the RIBA Council to stay firm in regard to the noble and moral position it is taking. We also urge you to consider this as an emergency motion to be tabled on the main agenda of the GA.


PACBI Editorial 

Academic Boycott Grows in May 2014

In 2012, PACBI called on its supporters world-wide to

 intensify all aspects of BDS, but to especially focus, whenever possible, on academic boycott. Specifically, we call on faculty and student activists to pressure their academic organizations to end collaboration with complicit Israeli academic institutions or organizations, and not to organize or participate in conferences in Israel. Furthermore, we appeal to academics not to publish in Israeli academic journals and to withdraw from editorial boards of international journals based at Israeli universities. We also urge academics and students to oppose study-abroad programs that place students from the US and Europe at Israeli universities.  

 One and a half years later, the Association for Humanist Sociology and the Association for Asian American Studies passed resolutions endorsing a full academic boycott of Israel.  Less than two years after the 2012 statement, four other U.S. academic associations had passed resolutions or shown unwavering support for BDS, these being the Critical Ethnic Studies Association (CESA), the Arab American Studies Association (AASA), Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA), and the American Studies Association (ASA).  In addition, at least one university department, the University of Hawai’i Ethnic Studies department, came out officially in support of BDS.  The US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) led that direction in the US.

 Just recently, over 700 academics appealed to participants of a Film Studies conference and an Oral history conference both taking place in Israel.  Those appeals resulted in cancellations from major participants of the Film studies conference and the loss of Alessandro Portelli as Keynote speaker in the Oral History conference [1].

 Student councils on campuses across the US, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Norway, South Africa, among others, have taken to heart the BDS movement’s message and succeeded in passing BDS-related resolutions, mostly divestment from companies involved in the occupation, despite unprecedented bullying and smearing from Israel and its well-oiled lobby groups.


How Israel buys loyalty of US university administrators

Documents reveal disturbing details of a propaganda tour of Israel and the occupied West Bank undertaken by top University of South Florida officials.



PACBI Salutes Spain’s Growing Academic Boycott Movement

 PACBI salutes the “BDS Academic Movement for Palestine,” a state-wide campaign across Spain, for its principled solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.


Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem: Boycott Hebrew U. Oral History Conference

 Palestinian civic organizations and national institutions working in occupied East Jerusalem support the call for a boycott of the June 2014 Oral History Conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  Risala in Arabic means mission, message or letter