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PACBI-Academic Complicity: Princeton University, Israel, and the Pakistani Military

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PACBI | June 23, 2011

Academic Complicity: Princeton University, Israel, and the Pakistani Military

PACBI has recently learned of an academic job announcement that highlights the nefarious connections between Princeton University and Israel.  In this particular case, Princeton academics are being asked to assist the Israeli state in advising the Pakistani military.  The Pakistani government is a repressive, anti-democratic government whose army is deeply implicated in grave violations of international law.  We wonder if this is what Princeton University means by its informal motto: "Princeton in the nation's service and in the service of all nations." 

Below we provide screenshots of the job announcement.  The advertisement speaks for itself regarding Princeton's complicity in taking advantage of Israeli military knowhow, tried and tested in the oppression of the Palestinian people, to advise another oppressive institution, the Pakistani military.



Update: We have received conflicting reports that the above information could be a hoax.  However, as this job posting has not been denied, we have no reason to believe it is a hoax until proven otherwise.

Posted on 25-06-2011

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