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PACBI-Protest against Israeli state-supported musician

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Leeds PSC | 28 November 2010

Protest against Israeli state-supported musician

Protest against Israeli state-supported musician

The Wardrobe are proceeding to host a performance by former Israeli Defence Force member Idan Raichel (see also eg which according to flyers at the venue, is being promoted and organized by The Union of Jewish Students. Tickets are a heavily subsidised £5 and it is described as being part a “campus tour” .

However, publicity for the preceding day’s gig in London clearly shows the funding/endorsement logos of The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and IrelandIsrael ConnectJewish Agency for Israel and  especially, the Israeli Ministry for Culture and Sport.

With these above organisations considered complicit in being supportive of Israel’s continued violations of international law, in relation to the oppression of the Palestinian people,  protest action is thus merited according to the definitive Palestinian Cultural & Academic Boycott Of Israel

Eg according to when ”an event is partially or fully sponsored or funded by an official Israeli body” - The general principle is that an event or project carried out under the sponsorship/aegis of or in affiliation with an official Israeli body or a complicit institution constitutes complicity and therefore is deserving of boycott.  The same may apply to support or sponsorship from non-Israeli institutions that serve brand Israel purposes.  It is also well documented now that Israeli artists, writers and other cultural workers applying for state funding to cover the cost of their – or their cultural products’ – participation in international events must accept to contribute to Israel’s official propaganda efforts. To that end, the cultural worker must sign a contract with the Israeli Foreign Ministry binding her/him to “undertake to act faithfully, responsibly and tirelessly to provide the Ministry with the highest professional services.  The service provider is aware that the purpose of ordering services from him is to promote the policy interests of the State of Israel via culture and art, including contributing to creating a positive image for Israel.”

We’re asking those concerned to:

1. Let The Wardrobe know of your objections to them holding the gig at their venue via / 0113 383 8800. And  inform Idan via of concern that his geniunely interesting multicultural musical project is being tainted by association with the  institutions complicit in the continued occupation of Palestine and the inhumane crimes of apartheid

2.  Protest picket peacefully outside the The Wardrobe, 6 St Peter’s Square,  LS9 8AH on Monday 29th November from 7pm. Contact to inform us you’re coming. Music & creativity etc is especially welcome & encouraged, including the singing of “adapted” Carols.


Facebook Protest Event


The Wardrobe

Northern Indymedia

Posted on 29-11-2010

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