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PACBI-First International Israeli Apartheid Short Film Contest

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Stop the Wall and It Is Apartheid Collective | 26 February 2010

First International Israeli Apartheid Short Film Contest

Stop the Wall and are organizing the first International Israeli Apartheid Short Film Contest.

The goal of this project is to raise awareness about Israeli apartheid in Palestine and create new tools to promote knowledge about the realities of  the occupation. These films should reflect the nature of the apartheid policy against the Palestinian people whether in their homeland or in the diaspora. This film contest will showcase the creativity of the film producers in a way that will allow conversations around these issues to take place.

The video contest asks for submissions of in any style: live-action, animated, stop-action, etc., and be no more than five minutes. First hand witnesses of apartheid, cinematographers and representatives of sponsoring groups will form a jury of experts to judge the videos, while events organized in Palestine and abroad will act as popular juries for the videos. There will be a financial award given to the top four films. We are further working to ensure that the overall winning video will not only have online exposure but will be shown in film festivals around the world.

Please consider making and submitting a film to this contest. For further information:

Posted on 26-02-2010

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