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PACBI | June 29, 2011
On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves

PACBI sometimes faces scenarios where boycott bashers attempt to redeem their conscience, and with it some moral ground, by using token Palestinians (or more rarely other Arabs) as a fig leaf to cover up their complicity in Israelís violations of international law and Palestinian rights. While the ....

PACBI | 31/5/2011
Hiding Behind Governments: Artists Undermining the Boycott of Israel

When the BDS movement calls on artists and cultural workers to take a position so that this might pressure governments and the UN, the movement is essentially asking people to take a lead so that governments may follow.....

PACBI | 30 April 2011
Artists Violating Cultural Boycott of Israel: Moral Inconsistency and Logical Incoherence

As the cultural boycott of Israel gains pace around the world, some artists, writers and cultural workers are finding it increasingly difficult to engage consistently and coherently with the arguments posed by those advocating for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Insisting on performing musi....

PACBI | 27 March 2011
A Month to Celebrate, a Month of Global BDS Accomplishments!

March 2011 was marked by major successes for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, especially on the academic and cultural boycott front. There is much cause to celebrate, take stock of and continue to creatively and affectively mobilise around, based on the three bas....

PACBI | 26 February 2011
From Palestine with Love: In support of Arab popular revolutions

Palestinians everywhere were jubilant when two of the most tyrannical regimes in the Arab world were overthrown by youth-initiated people’s revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Palestinian civil society has enthusiastically stood with both revolutions‘ demands for full freedom, rights, dign....

PACBI | 28 January 2011
McEwan and Israelís Accolades: Privilege and Ethical Responsibility?

The recent announcement by the British writer Ian McEwan that he will accept the Jerusalem Prize on 20 February 2011 during the Jerusalem Book Fair has disappointed many of his admirers around the world. In response to calls to reject the prize and refrain from participating in the book fair, he has....

PACBI | 30 December 2010
The Challenge for 2011: Start implementing the academic boycott of Israel

If 2010 witnessed an exceptional growth of the global BDS movement, especially in the cultural and consumer products fields, one of the main challenges facing the movement in 2011 will be to start putting into effect concrete boycott measures against Israeli universities and to further spread the ar....

PACBI | 28 November 2010
Boycott Guidelines Applicable to Visits by International Academics and Artists to the OPT

Some international organizations that are involved in organizing events and activities in cooperation with -- or using the facilities of -- boycottable Israeli institutions and venues have tried to "balance" their involvement in such activities by organizing parallel activities with Palest....

PACBI | 2/11/2010
From Johannesburg to Oslo, the Israel academic boycott spreads

With the 29 September 2010 decision by the Senate of the University of Johannesburg "not to continue a long-standing relationship with Ben Gurion University (BGU) in Israel in its present form" and to set conditions "for the relationship to continue," a new campaign for the ....

PACBI | 29 September 2010
BDS Goes South

In a landmark event held in New Delhi on 22-23 September 2010, the conference “A Just Peace for Palestine” ended with a clear call for BDS as a strategy for realizing justice for Palestinians. The conference was co-organized by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the Committee ....

Records: 40 - 50 of 55



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