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Ha'aretz | June 1, 2005
Netanyahu to lead campaign against academic boycott

Universities fear additional attempts to declare boycott of Israel are expected in the near future. The international campaign being waged by Israeli universities will focus on the public and legal spheres, as well as on public relations. Netanyahu was asked to participate by Haifa University resid....

The Electronic Intifada | May 31, 2005
The AUT Boycott: Freedom vs. "Academic Freedom"

On May 26, the Association of University Teachers (AUT) in Britain reversed its previous decision -- taken on April 22 -- to boycott Israeli universities. Intimidation and bullying aside, no tool was as persistently used, abused and bandied about as much as the claim that academic boycott infringes ....

ZNet | 28 May 2005
The Lessons of the AUT Boycott Reversal

I am not in a position to comment upon the details of what took place in England with regards to the outcome of the 26 May special vote within the Association of University Teachers, and its result of rolling back a previous resolution calling for a selective boycott against Bar Ilan and Haifa Unive....

Daily Star | May 26, 2005
The Academic Boycott helps show Israel is not above the law

Israel is a record-breaking state when it comes to violating international law. The reason is simple: the international community has never tried to hold Israel accountable for these violations and this lack of accountability has encouraged Israeli governments to proceed with further practices and p....

The Guardian | May 26, 2005
West Bank college benefits from backlash

Author: Chris McGreal The College of Judea and Samaria, occupying a hilltop in the Jewish settlement of Ariel, is reaping the benefits of the British academic boycott. Within days of the Association of University Teachers' decision last month to cut ties with two Israeli universities - one of ....

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian farmers, women and youths support the AUT position to boycott Israeli universities

The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)* with its six affiliated associations and 400 community-based organizations and grassroots committees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would like to express their full support to the proposal of the largest British Association of University Teache....

Carmela Armanious | Palestine Chronicle | May 22, 2005
The Power of Logic vs. the Logic of Power

"'Are the Israeli 'racist and colonial policies' similar to those of apartheid South Africa?' As a Mathematician, I believe in applying logic to every problem we face: social, political, administrative or any other. When arguments get entangled with relevant and irrelevant claims, one has to stop an....

Oren Ben-Dor | Counterpunch | 21-22 May 2005
To Create It, an Academic Boycott is Needed: Academic Freedom in Israel is Central to Resolving the Conflict

The academic boycott is not simply another facet of a general boycott. It is much more important than that. The academic boycott is central to starting the process of Israeli self-examination that is a core prerequisite to a resolution of the conflict.....

Times Higher Education Supplement | 13 May 2005
Sanctions can work...

Hilary Rose and Steven Rose Published: 13 May 2005 Times Higher Education Supplement The AUT boycott is part of a tradition of non-violent protest, argue Hilary Rose and Steven Rose Just 50 years ago, six years after the call from the African N....

Yediot Aharonot | 4 May 2005
WHY US? On the Academic Boycott

A boycott decision, like that passed by Britains Association of University Teachers to boycott two Israeli universities, naturally raises a hue and cry among Israelis. Why us? And why now, just when negotiations with the Palestinians might be renewed? ....

Records: 2020 - 2030 of 2036



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