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Records: 10 - 20 of 1896

Helen Spokes | The Cambridge Student | 2 October 2014
Cambridge academics: we have a 'responsibility' to 'speak out' against Israel

More than 50 academics from the University of Cambridge have condemned the assault on Gaza, calling for an end to violence and the ‘discriminatory and dehumanising treatment of Palestinian citizens’.....

Alex Shams and Ali Abdi | Jadaliyya | 3 October 2014
The Politics of Boycotting Israel while Fighting Sanctions on Iran

As the bombs rained down on Gaza this summer, we were reminded yet again of the failure of peace talks, negotiations, or dialogue to attain meaningful results for the Palestinian people over the last seven decades of Israeli colonialism. Indeed, global demonstrations throughout July and August showe....

Sarah Irving | Electronic Intifada | 3 Oct 2014
Spying by Zionist group “stifles” academic debate, say Jewish Studies scholars

Several dozen Jewish Studies professors from universities and colleges in the United States and Canada have condemned the Amcha Initiative’sprogram of “investigation” of students and academics. ....

Press TV | 4 Oct 2014
500 scholars call for boycotting Israeli academic institutions

Over 500 Middle East studies scholars and librarians have called for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions over the regime’s atrocities against the Palestinian people.....

29 September 2014
Stop the Sodastream-France Télévisions partnership

The France 2 and France 3 television channels give out Sodastream products as prizes to contestants in game shows such as “Questions pour un champion”, “Slam” and “Motus”.....

1 October 2014
Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: The Statement

We, the undersigned anthropologists, are circulating this petition to voice our opposition to the ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, including the Israeli military occupation of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem, and to boycott Israeli academic institutions that are compli....

1 October 2014
Statement: Over 250 Anthropologists Join Call for a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

More than 250 anthropologists have signed a statement endorsing the burgeoning movement to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest of Israel’s systematic human rights violations against the Palestinian people. These violations, in which many Israeli educational institutions are complicit, i....

Israeli Anthropologists | 10 September 2014
Letter to the AAA in response to IAA's letter of 28 August 2014

As anthropologists and citizens of Israel, we are writing to express our thorough opposition to the letter sent to the American Anthropological Association (AAA) by theIsraeli Anthropological Association (IAA) on 28 August 2014 with regard to the scheduled discussion of the Palestinian call for Boyc....

BDS France | 9 September 2014
Lettre de la Campagne BDS France au directeur du salon d'Automne

Nous sommes informés, par des artistes, de la prochaine tenue de la deuxième édition du Salon d’automne international (SAI) en Israël, et nous avons lu avec attention votre présentation de ce projet et le positionnement que vous souhaitez donner à cet événement au regard de l’actualité meurtrière en....

Boycott from Within | 28 September 2014
Israeli citizens against the Salon d'Automne in Tel Aviv

We are Israeli citizens who are active against our government’s policies of racism, apartheid and occupation towards the Palestinian people. In particular, many of us are veteran activists in the campaign against Israel’s illegal colonization and settlement construction policies in the occupied West....

Records: 10 - 20 of 1896



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