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20 March 2014
RIBA Votes To Suspend Israeli Architects' Association From International Body

PRESS RELEASE :  RIBA SUPPORTS ISRAELI ARCHITECTS ASSOCIATION’s SUSPENSION FROM INTERNATIONAL BODY, the UIA In a highly significant move, after a tough and passionate Council debate on 19 March 2014, the pillar of the UK’s architects’ professional institute, the Royal Institu....

19 March 2014
Petition to divest from companies complicit in and which profit from egregious human rights abuses

We, the undersigned, are members of the Loyola University community who are deeply concerned that our University--which has a long-standing history of socially responsible investment (SRI) and which updated its policy in 2006/07 to officially reflect this commitment--remains invested in companies t....

UMass | 14 March 2014
Statement in Support of Academic Boycott of Israel

Many UMass Boston faculty, staff, and students support the American Studies Association (ASA) resolution to join the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The academic boycott is part of the international BDS (Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions) movement, a nonviolent, grassroots solidarity campaig....

Roger Waters | Salon | 17 march 2014
Roger Waters: Why I must speak out on Israel, Palestine and BDS

Seventy years ago, my father – 2nd Lt. Eric Fletcher Waters – died in Italy fighting the Nazis. He was a committed pacifist, and a conscientious objector at the start of the war, but as Hitler’s crimes spread across Europe, he swapped the ambulance he had driven through....

PSACBI | ODSG | 16 March 2014
Open letter from Gaza to Neil Young

We are Palestinian students and youth from the besieged Gaza Strip; we write to you now on a night engulfed by huge explosions ripping through our houses and neighborhoods again, more common than the thunder and hard rain also filling the night air. ....

Robert Lovelace and Suzanne Weiss | Electronic Intifada | 13 March 2014
Keep on rockin’ for freedom, Neil Young, cancel your Tel Aviv show

Your “Honor the Treaties” concert tour across Canada struck a blow for fair treatment of the indigenous peoples of Alberta in defense of their land. It was not easy to challenge establishment politics or hear the criticism of your craft and personal commitments. ....

Sigal Samue | Forward | 11 March 2014
EBSCO Backtracks On ‘Anti-Jewish’ BDS Index

Score this one in the victory column for BDS supporters and, much more broadly, for anyone who believes we should use language accurately — especially when we’re dealing with loaded terms like “anti-Semitism.” ....

Alex Shams | Maan News | 6 March 2014
Interview: Remi Kanazi on BDS and 'hurt feelings'

Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian-American poet and activist and a member of the organizing committee of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. ....

Ali Abunimah | Electronic Intifada | 4 March 2014
At AIPAC, Netanyahu launches “desperate” attack on BDS movement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today launched a frontal assault on the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.....

Jewish Voices for Peace | 3 March 2013
Scholars condemn censorship and intimidation of Israel critics

Professors Judith Butler and Rashid Khalidi have jointly written the following statement objecting to increased incidents of censorship and intimidation in academic and cultural institutions for the purposes of imposing illegitimate limitations on freedom of expression relating to Israel and Palesti....

Records: 10 - 20 of 1713



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