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Records: 10 - 20 of 2005

Jadaliyya | 19 May 2015
Academic Freedom, Ethics, and Responsibility: The Silencing and Censoring of Palestine in Western Liberal Academia

A few months ago a story was published on the Yedioth Hakkibutz magazine. The first page of the magazine headlined: “We have expelled, bombed, and killed” and recalled an interview with Mr. Kahanovich, a former combatant in the paramilitary underground terrorist unit Palmach. The interview containe....

Dina Omar | Jadaliyya | 20 May 2015
We Are All Uncomfortable: On Academic Boycott & What Is Productive

On 10 May 2014 Israeli forces shot dead Saji Sayel Jarab’a, a nineteen-year-old student at Birzeit University—he is one out of twenty-six Birzeit University students killed. On the same day....

Amanda Holpuch | The Guardian | 27 May 2015
Website targets pro-Palestinian students in effort to harm job prospects

An unknown group has launched a website that profiles people affiliated with pro-Palestinian student groups – publishing their names, photos, occupations and sometimes universities and majors – in an effort to dissuade potential employers from hiring them. ....

Roger Waters | Salon | 14 May 2015
Roger Waters to Dionne Warwick: “You are showing yourself to be profoundly ignorant of what has happened in Palestine since 1947″

Singer and U.N. global ambassador Dionne Warwick recently released an interesting if puzzling statement asserting that she would, and I quote, “never fall victim to the hard pressures of Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, or other political people who have their views on politics in Israel.” ....

BDS Catalunya | 15 May 2015
Marinah, First Singer in Spain to Cancel Concerts in Israel

The former vocal leader of the Catalan group Ojos de Brujo, Marina Abad, had organized to perform at the Festival Méditerranée of Ashdod (south of Israel, next to the Gaza Strip) the upcoming 11th of June, next to other Spanish artists such as Tomatito, Diego Guerrero, Rycardo Moreno and Javier Lim&....

BDS Italia | 15 May 2015
Romeo Castellucci e Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio: Ascoltate i colleghi palestinesi, annullate lo spettacolo in Israele

Pubblichiamo la lettera inivata il 9 maggio 2014 a Romeo Castellucci e alla compagnia Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio. Attendiamo ancora una risposta. ....

14 May 2015
2015 Librerians Delegation Report and Solidarity Statement

In April 2015, nine librarians from four countries traveled to Palestine for an in-depth trip to follow up on the work of our 2013 delegation. In 2013, sixteen librarians had met with representatives from academic libraries, cultural centers, community education spaces, family libraries, museums, me....

BDS@10 | AURDIP | 17 may 2015
Lecture : What’s Next for the Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights with Omar Barghouti & Rebecca Vilkomerson

BDS@10 presents a lecture with Omar Barghouti & Rebecca Vilkomerson moderated by David Stein at Alwan for the Arts on : ....

Rhoda Kanaaneh | Jadaliyya | 15 May 2015
Nakba Walks

I remember when my first daughter, then just six years old, accompanied me and a group of family and friends during one of our summer visits for a short hike in the hills surrounding my home village of Arrabeh in Israel. A high barbed-wire fence that encircled the Jewish settlement of Hararit soon ....

Randa Farah | Jadaliyya | 15 May 2015
The Palestinian Nakba-t: Catastrophe-s

On a cold and damp winter day in 1995, I walked through the narrow alleyways of an overcrowded and dilapidated refugee camp in Jordan. In subsequent visits over the years, the camp's physical and political environment seemed to deteriorate, with poverty and unfulfilled dreams of return hanging heavi....

Records: 10 - 20 of 2005



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