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Palestinian Performing Arts Network | 19 October 2015
End the Longest Occupation in History

We, organizations and individuals that make up the majority of the Palestinian cultural sector; musicians, circus artists, actors, and dancers, call upon our fellow cultural workers and organizations around the world to condemn Israel's deliberate and systematic policies of occupation, settler colon....

PSCABI | 8 October 2015
Palestinian Student Groups in Gaza Respond to Attacks on BDS by “NYC SJP”

The Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) and all the undersigned student groups, representing the entire political spectrum in Gaza, are deeply troubled by a recent article titled, “The BDS Ceiling,” written by the newly formed group New York City Students for J....

23 August 2015
41 Executive Officers at UIUC Call for the Reinstatement of Steven Salaita

Dear President Killeen and Acting Chancellor Wilson, We the forty-one undersigned Executive Officers and campus leaders from departments and academic units across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign urge you to help end the crisis that has plagued our university for more than a year.....

Radhika Balakrishnan, Karma R. Chávez, et al | Electronic Intifada | 3 September 2015
Obama must end support for Israeli apartheid against Palestinian scholars

US President Barack Obama, in a recent interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, reaffirmed his support and love for Israel because, as he claims, “it is a genuine democracy and you can express your opinions.”....

Black for Palestine | 25 August 2015
Over 1,100 Black activists, artists, scholars, students and organizations signed the 2015 Black Solidarity Statement with Palestine

The past year has been one of high-profile growth for Black-Palestinian solidarity. Out of the terror directed against us—from numerous attacks on Black life to Israel’s brutal war on Gaza and chokehold on the West Bank—strengthened resilience and joint-struggle have emerged between our movements.....

InCACBI | | 20 August 2015
Let our cultural events say No to Israeli apartheid! InCACBI protests against Israeli film festival hosted by the Israeli Consul in Bangalore

We, a group of academics, artists and activists in India came together in June 2010 to extend support to the international campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel ( We have, over the years, appealed to cultural and academic event organisers to not involve, in any way....

John Anderson | New York Times | 18 August 2015
Festival in Oslo Rejects Film by Roy Zafrani, Citing Cultural Boycott of Israel

Israeli-Norwegian relations have hardly been a flash point in the troubled history of the Middle East. But a programming decision last week by a film festival in Oslo to reject a film simply for its Israeli-ness may have opened a new chapter in the boycott movement against Israel. ....

15 August 2015
«Tel Aviv Sur Seine»: Une sélection des meilleures articles d’analyses

L’Agence Média Palestine vous propose ci-dessous une sélection des meilleurs articles d’analyses sur l’opération de propagande ratée « Tel Aviv Sur Seine » organisée par la Mairie de Paris.....

Hrag Vartanian | Hyper Allergic | 13 August 2015
Artists Launch “Letter for Palestine” Campaign at Venice Biennale

On Sunday, artists participating in and attending the 2015 Venice Biennale launched a campaign titled “Artists’ Letter for Palestine.” More than 20 prominent artists, academics, and activists have signed the letter (included in full below), including Mel Chin, Miriam Ghani, Andrew Ross, Gregory Shol....

Roger Waters | 2 July 2015
Waters to Caetano: your resolve to perform in Tel Aviv will dissolve in a sea of tears and regret

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter. Dialogue is truly important. I will respond to the points you have raised. I fear you may be viewing Israeli politics through rose tinted spectacles. The fact is that for the many decades, since the Nakba, (catastrophe, dispossession of the Palest....

Records: 10 - 20 of 2024



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