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Talal Asad | Savage Minds | 10 April 2015
Talal Asad: Why do I support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement?

I have never visited Israel, or the occupied West Bank and Gaza, but I have several friends, Jews and Palestinians, who teach in universities there and joining the BDS movement does not entail breaking my friendship with them. But I am appalled by the repeated savage destruction of Gaza as well as t....

10 April 2015
Film Industry to Locarno Film Festival: Don’t Give Israeli Apartheid a Carte Blanche

It has come to our attention that the Locarno Film Festival has chosen to place Israel as the center of this year's festival in its "Carte Blanche" initiative, in cooperation with the Israeli Film Fund. This fund is an Israeli government-funded agency which receives support from the Israel Film Coun....

Alex Kane | Mondoweiss | 9 April 2015
NYU faculty call for divestment from companies supplying the Israeli army

About 120 New York University (NYU) professors are calling on the school to divest from companies linked to the Israeli occupation.....

Matthew Pulver | Salon | 8 April 2015
Kanye’s West Bank blind spot: Is Yeezy missing an opportunity to speak truth to power?

A future Palestinian rapper, perhaps one the age of Kanye’s daughter now, might eventually pen lyrics reminiscent of the deepest of Ye’s racially oriented rhymes, perhaps lyrics that call to mind West’s bitter account ....

USACBI | 4 April 2015
Professor Noura Erakat delivers keynote Women’s History Month address at CSU Fullerton

In what is surely a first for BDS activism in the United States, Palestinian Human Rights lawyer and activist, Professor Noura Erakat was among those welcomed by a University President to deliver a public talk on Palestine. Professor Erakat spoke at California State University, Fullerton, on March ....

Liz Jackson | Huffington Post | 30 March 2015
Anti-Semitism Charge Increasingly Leveled Against Student Advocates for Palestinian Human Rights

Anti-Semitism remains a very real problem. The line of questioning put to UCLA student Rachel Beyda during her confirmation hearing for a student government position was inappropriate, and yes, anti-Semitic in its raw form. So are the isolated incidents of swastikas found on campuses. These instance....

Alternative News | 31 March 2015
Israel: science in service of hasbara

The Israeli Foreign Ministry's flagship programme: a World Science Conference – Israel (WSCI) for Nobel Laureates and upcoming, young scientists, scheduled for this coming summer in Jerusalem. Foreign Ministry official: Participants will be opinion-shapers in their countries, conference will strengt....

Jadaliyya | 24 March 2015
What is the Role of Academia in Political Change?: The Case of BDS and Israeli Violations of International Law

In addition to a collection of rich individual interviews and special segments, Status also publishes panels and lectures with every issue of the audio journal. For Issue 2.1, we highlight the debate on academic freedom at the December 2014 meeting of the American Anthropological Association, and pr....

PACBI | AURDIP | 30 March 2015
« Nous sommes Farid ! » : Lettre ouverte aux administrateurs des universités françaises : Arrêtez de réduire au silence les défenseurs des droits palestiniens !

"Je n’ai jamais pensé, pour ma part, que la liberté de l’homme consiste dans sa capacité à faire ce qu’il veut, mais aucun pouvoir humain ne devrait le forcer à agir contre sa volonté." Jean-Jacques Rousseau. ....

29 March 2015 | Washington Post | Donna St. George and Steve Hendrix
Virginia State Bar cancels Israel trip, citing ‘discriminatory’ border policies

The Virginia State Bar has canceled its midyear legal seminar in Jerusalem, citing “unacceptable discriminatory policies and practices pertaining to border security that affect travelers,” in a decision that provoked a swift reaction Sunday among some political leaders ....

Records: 0 - 10 of 1973



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