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Ali Abunimah | Electronic Intifada | 25 July 2014
Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre

Two leading Israeli academic institutions are offering strong support for Israels ongoingmassacre in Gaza. Tel Aviv University is giving students who serve in the attack on Gaza one year of free tuition.....

Jack Simpson | The Independent | 27 July 2014
Malaysian cyclist could face disciplinary action after 'Save Gaza' gloves protest

A Malaysian cyclist is facing an investigation and possible disciplinary action after he was caught with the words Save Gaza printed on his gloves while competing at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday.....

Javier Bardem | 25 July 2014
Carta al director de Javier Bardem sobre la masacre en Gaza

En el horror que está sucediendo en Gaza NO cabe la equidistancia ni la neutralidad. Es una guerra de ocupación y de exterminio contra un pueblo sin medios, confinado en un territorio mínimo, sin agua y donde hospitales, ambulancias y niños son blancos y presuntos terroristas.....

Amena Saleem | Electronic Intifada | 25 July 2014
Rock stars Peter Gabriel and Bobby Gillespie urge arms embargo on Israel

The rock star Peter Gabriel and film-maker Ken Loach are among 21,000 people who have signed an open letter to David Cameron, the British prime minister, demanding an immediate halt to the arms trade between the UK and Israel.....

Adam Horowitz | Mondoweiss | 25 July 2014
Photo: Message on Israeli shell headed to Gaza, Thats for canceling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!

The Backstreet Boys cancelled three upcoming shows in Tel Aviv, to assure the safety of [their] audience. They plan on rescheduling the concerts.....

David Cronin | Electronic Intifada | 25 July 2014
Thank you, Sinead OConnor, for boycotting Israel

I vividly recall the first time I saw Sinad OConnor live. She looked shy and fragile as she walked onstage. And then she began her song Troy, whispering to us one second; screaming at us the next. It was enchanting and haunting.....

Adam Horowitz | Mondoweiss | 24 July 2014
Jews Say: End the War on Gaza No Aid to Apartheid Israel!

On July 12, 2014, Gaza civil society issued an urgent appeal for solidarity, asking: How many of our lives are dispensable enough until the world takes action? How much of our blood is sufficient?....

Natasha Culzac | The Independent | 23 July 2014
Massive Attack make Gaza statement using headline stage at Longitude Festival

Award-winning band and veteran political activists Massive Attack used their headline slot at Longitude Festival this weekend to highlight their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.....

Inside Higher Ed | 22 July 2014
African Literature Association Endorses Israel Boycott

The African Literature Association is among a growing number of scholarly organizations that have backed the boycott of Israeli universities.....

DPAI | DPAI | 21 July 2014
Massive Attack Shows Support for Gaza at Longitude

(Marlay Park, Ireland) Several tweets following Massive Attack's set at Dublin's Longitude Festival confirmed the band's strong support for Gaza. ....

Records: 0 - 10 of 1797



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