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Ben White | Middle East Monitor | 15 April 2014
Haifa University launches course in pro-Israel propaganda

The University of Haifa has launched an academic course to combat the online "delegitimization of Israel", in what it claims to be a "first" for academia. In a press release dated 30 March, the University proudly describes the four credit course, offered by the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studi....

Adam Horowitz | Mondoweiss | 10 April 2014
American Studies Association adds over 700 new members since Israel boycott call

In the wake of the American Studies Association’s December 2013 endorsement of a Palestinian civil society call for an academic boycott of Israel – and as two efforts to legislate against academic boycotts fail to move forward in theIllinois and Maryland state legislatures – the ASA has gained new ....

Nora Barrows-Friedman | Electronic Intifada | 3 April 2014
Anti-boycott resolution defeated in Illinois state government

Students at the University of New Mexico introduce a divestment resolution targeting corporations that profit from human rights violations in Palestine and at the US-Mexico border; we’ll speak to a student activist in Albuquerque about the hearing scheduled for Wednesday night. Read transcript and l....

Ali Abunimah | Electronic Intifada | 2 April 014
Call to create divestment committee passes at University of Michigan-Dearborn

Last month thousands of people watched in person and online as the student goverment at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor debated a resolution calling for divestment from companies profiting from Israeli occupation.....

Asa Winstanley | Electronic Intifada | 2 April 2014
Israel’s incompetent global campaign of "lawfare"

One year ago, the Israel lobby’s global strategy of “lawfare” suffered a significant defeat in a British court. A sprawling case against the University and College Union for “institutional anti-Semitism” was comprehensively blown away by an Employment Tribunal. ....

28 March 2014
People's Books Co-op Responds to BDS Call

People’s Books Co-op has voted to join the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel, instituting a consumer, cultural and academic boycott of the Israeli state due to significant human rights concerns involved with Israel’s policies against the Palestinian community.....

Haider Eid | Taylor & Francis | 28 March 2014
Solidarity with Anti-Apartheid Resistance in Post-Oslo Palestine

The strategic value of international solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, refugees in the Diaspora, and Palestinians in Israel raises some fundamental questions. The most immediate and urgent are: what the nature of international solidarity should be, and how it ca....

Marjorie Cohn | Counter Punch | 25 March 2014
BDS: Non-Violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation

Thanks to Scarlett Johansson, the American Studies Association (ASA), and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has entered our national discourse. Representatives of Palestinian civil society launched BDS in 2005, calling upon....

Raymond Deane | 22 March 2014
Open Letter to Chris de Burgh, Don’t Play Apartheid Israel – IPSC

Since the year 2000 more than 1400 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli soldiers and illegal colonial settlers. Defence for Children Internationalestimates that “since the year 2000, around 8,000 Palestinian children have been detained and prosecuted in the system…. The majority of these....

Adam Gallagher | 18 March 2014
The Media’s Effects on BDS

As Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to present Israeli and Palestinian negotiators with yet another “framework” agreement, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement (BDS) has been increasingly presented in the media as a legitimate social movement aimed at securing rights for Palestinians in ....

Records: 0 - 10 of 1713



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